2021 Duncan to Mayco Transition Info

Last Updated: 16/11/2021

By now you may be aware that Mayco has acquired the Duncan Paints and Glazes business from Duncan Ceramics.

Due to the economic uncertainty related to COVID and Mayco’s manufacturing capacity some Duncan products will no longer be available in the immediate future.

Due to Mayco now owning the entire range of glaze and acrylic formulas, there is some possibility that over time Mayco will bring back additional colours based on customer demand and saleability, but at present it is not known when or which colours may be considered.

Below you will find some important information and resources to assist in this transition.

Please continue to refer back to this page, as information may continue to be updated.

******** UPDATE 16th Nov, 2021 ********
6 additional Duncan EZ Strokes colours have been added to the Best of Duncan palette:
EZ002 Cinderella Pink, EZ032 Peacock Green, EZ018 Chartreuse, EZ011 Sienna Brown, EZ010 French Brown, and EZ047 Thundercloud Grey.
The following 5 Duncan Crystals have been removed from the Best of Duncan palette:
CR901, CR903, CR911, CR931, and CR932.

The Best of Duncan Palette

Mayco will continue to manufacture a selection of Duncan products from the outset, which will continued to be stocked by Ceramicraft. This selection of Fired & Non-Fired products is called the Best of Duncan Pallette.

A copy of the Best of Duncan Palette can be downloaded here.

Best of Duncan Palette.pdf

As the above document is in a list only format, for colour swatches, you may find the following documents useful:

Best of Duncan Fired Assortment.pdf

Duncan Non-Fired Assortment.pdf


Conversion from Duncan to Mayco

Should there be a Duncan product you are familiar with which is no longer available, Mayco have created the 'Duncan to Mayco Conversion Chart' which is indented to help you make new buying decisions.

The 'Duncan to Mayco Conversion Chart' provides a list of Duncan products and their Mayco equivalent or closest match.

This chart also notes which products are included in the 'Best of Duncan Palette' so that you can easily identify products that you may not need to substitute.

A copy of the Duncan to Mayco Conversion Chart can be downloaded here.

Duncan to Mayco Conversion Chart.pdf


Your Questions Answered

How will I know if a colour is discontinued?

  1.        Review the Best of Duncan Palette - If the product does not appear on the Best of Duncan Palette document, it has been discontinued.
  2.        Check the Ceramicraft website - As stock runs out, discontinued colours will be removed from the website. 

A number of discontinued Duncan products are still in stock on the Ceramicraft website. Why is this?

In some cases Ceramicraft will still have stock of discontinued Duncan products, and the stock levels shown may be the last of what remains in our warehouse.

What colours will be available when Mayco takes over?

Please see the Best of Duncan Palette.pdf for a full list of products that Mayco will be manufacturing.
Note: Please continue to refer back to this page, as this list and other information may continue to be updated.

Can Ceramicraft staff assist with selecting a suitable replacement for a discontinued Duncan product? 

While we would love to be able to assist with this, due to overwhelming enquiries, we ask that you please refer to the Duncan to Mayco Conversion Chart.pdf for suitable product equivalents. Please Note: In some cases there may be no suitable equivalent at the time of your enquiry.

Will Duncan products continue to be labelled as Duncan?

Mayco will try to keep everything the same to the degree possible and economically feasible. They will be consolidating packaging - using the same jars and cartons for both Mayco and Duncan brands. And Duncan products will continue to be labelled with Duncan branding.

Will Ceramicraft now stock overglazes?

No, sadly due to the specific shipping requirements and import fees for these products Ceramicraft is still be unable to stock overglazes.

Can I still purchase Duncan Bisque?

Yes, there have been no changes to the bisque range, and we will continue to meet customer demand with Duncan Bisque.

Will Ceramicraft now stock Mayco Bisque?

As we now have access to the entire Mayco range, Ceramicraft will be adding Mayco bisque to the range in the future.

Further Questions?

Due to the increasing volume of enquiries our small team has to manage, we have aimed to provide all of the information and resources we have in relation to the Duncan - Mayco transition on this page and appreciate if you could review the information and resources in their entirety before considering to contact our staff. Should you still have further questions, or are unable to locate the information you require, please email [email protected] and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible to assist with your enquiry.