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Amaco Velvet Underglaze Terracotta 59ml

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Amaco Velvet Underglaze Terracotta 59ml

Amaco Velvets are lead free opaque underglazes which have the appearance of velvet when left unglazed.

When Amaco Velvets are glazed with transparent matte glaze they will assume a soft, satin finish. However when covered with a clear transparent gloss glaze the colours will intensify but will lose their matte surface quality.

Amaco Velvets will become opaque after three coats and fire true to colour from the jar. Amaco Velvets may be intermixed with other colours.

Firing Range: Cone 05-10

Application Instructions

  1. Apply to greenware or bisque
  2. Fire Cone 05 - Cone 10
  3. Use with or without clear glaze
  4. May be sprayed or airbrushed