Designer Liner SG406 Brown 37ml

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Mayco Designer Liner Brown SG406

Mayco Designer Liner is a non-dimensional heavily pigmented, clay based product similar to a transluent underglaze.

The unique metal writer tip allows for ultimate control to draw ultra-fine or bold lines, typography and detailed illustrations.

Size: 37ml squeeze bottle (includes metal writing tip)

Product Features:

  • Works Great at Low-Fire and Mid-Range Temperatures (Cone 06- Cone 6)
  • Great for writing text
  • Perfect for fine detail illustration
  • AP Non-Toxic, Food Safe and Dinnerware Safe when clear glaze is applied. Porous when left unglazed.

Usage Tips:

  • Don't throw away the metal pin which comes with your Designer Liner. The pin is useful kept in the metal writer tip when the product is not in use to keep the product from drying and clogging.
  • Designer Liner is best used under non-moving transparent or semi-transparent glazes.
  • Designer Liner is not a dimensional product and should not be applied too thick or heavy, or it can crack or come off your piece.
  • If the product begins to dry in the bottle you can add a few drops of water to regain the correct viscosity.