Duncan Shimmer Glaze

Duncan Shimmer Glazes are semi-opaque, nontoxic, food safe glazes which contain metallic fleck within the glaze.

Shimmer glazes are fire to a glossy finish without the need to be clear glazed and come in a popular array of colours.

Fire to Cone 06 for the rich jewel tone palette with a magnificent sparkly finish.

Beautiful accents may be added to glaze and underglaze projects as shimmer glazes combine exceptionally well with Duncan Concepts and Duncan Envision Glazes.

Easy to follow instructions, just watch the video below:

Application Instructions
  1. For full coverage, apply 3 to 4 flowing coats, letting dry between coats.
  2. Stilt and fire to cone 06.


  1. Apply colour in a cross-hatch pattern to minimise brush marks.
  2. Colour should be applied with smooth, consistent brush strokes for best results.
  3. Shimmer Glazes are a low-fire glaze family and are not intended for high fire use.