Inktec Sublimation Ink

InkTec Sublimation Ink CMYK

Dye Sublimation Inks For Epson Printers.

With the use of InkTec SubliNova Smart Sublimation Inks and a simple syringe you can convert any ordinary 4 colour Epson Ecotank (integrated ink system) Model equipped with a DX4, DX5 printhead into a dedicated sublimation printer very easily and affordably.

Expertly manufactured in Korea and designed specifically for use in Epson printers. InkTec Sublinova Smart Inks use high quality dyes with a reduced particle size under 100nm (0.1um) for smooth flowing ink without head clogging.

Use this ink to produce stunning personalised sublimation products such as coffee mugs, magnets, keyrings, bags, hats, barware, mouse pads, polyester apparel, and so much more.

Available Colours: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

Now also available in Light Magenta and Light Cyan for 6 colour printer models.

Volume: 100ml

Products Features:

  • Fast drying time on transfer paper
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Universal for both direct and transfer printing
  • Intense and vibrant colours
  • Superior fastness properties
  • Shelf Life - 24 Months
  • Environmentally friendly: Free from formaldehyde, VOCs, Alkylphenol and compliance with RoHS


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