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Inktek A4 Sublimation Paper (100 sheets)


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Inktec A4 Sublimation Paper (100 sheets)

ITP-100HTPA4 is a resin coated sublimation transfer paper for aqueous dye sublimation inks. It has high transfer rate and excellent stability and performance.

Weight: 100 g/m2

Paper Size: A4

Product Features:

  • Fast drying time
  • Easy to handle
  • High transfer rate
  • Excellent stability and performance

Usage Tips:

  • Please note the printing side of the paper follows the packing label: Upwards.
  • Depending on your printer, the printing side may need to be positioned face up or face down.
  • If you are unsure which side of the paper is the correct printing side, you can test the paper by applying a small amount of water to your finger and touching the paper. The correct side of the paper will be sticky.
  • Recommended conditions for use: 10~30C / 30~65% RH 
  • Use care in handling pronted material, surface susceptible to abrasion.
  • To optimize the printing quality, set your printer to the highest quality print settings.
  • Store paper in a cool and dry environment in it's original packaging.