Mayco Foundations Matte Glaze

Mayco’s Foundations Matte Glazes fire to a beautiful, soft subdued finish.

Foundations glazes dry quickly, allowing immediate additional decorating and same day firing.

They are certified AP non-toxic and food safe.

Firing Range: Cone 06

Product Features

  • Beautiful, smooth, satin finish.
  • Stable and non-moving.
  • Dries quickly for same day firing.
  • Colour will gloss at higher temperatures but maintain colour.
  • Great for glaze combinations, particularly contrast in finish.
  • Compatible with Stroke & Coats.
  • Can be applied to greenware or leather-hard clay. We recommend leaving an area unglazed, such as the back or bottom, to allow outgassing during the firing process
  • Can be applied with brush, sponge stamp.
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous and food safe.