Mayco Specialty Glaze SG701 Speckta-Clear Stardust 118ml

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Add a sparkling effect to your ceramic and pottery projects with Mayco's SG701 Speckta-Clear Stardust a high-gloss clear glaze incorporating light refracting glittery silver specks!

Speckta-Clear functions as a high-gloss clear glaze with the added surprise of coloured specks!

Apply Speckta-Clear over base-coated ware or directly onto undecorated ware. Use for all over coverage or in design with Stroke & Coat, Foundations, Underglazes, and other Mayco glazes.

At Cone 06 SG701 is a transparent clear glaze with shiny silver specks that will change the look with different base glazes. 

At Cone 6 specks will turn brown and begin to flow.

SG701 works best applied over dark coloured base colours, such as black, dark blue, green, deep red, etc.

Firing Range: Cone 06 to Cone 6

Colour: Clear glaze incorporating glittery silver specks.

General Use / Application Instructions:

  1. Shake well.
  2. Apply one even coat to base-coated ware or two even coats to cone 04 (1060 °C) undecorated ware.
  3. Allow to dry.
  4. Fire to cone 06/05 (999 °C – 1046 °C). May fire to higher temperatures; see cone 6 palette for performance.

Food Safety: Speckta-Clear is AP Non-Toxic, Food Safe and Dinnerware Safe when used according to manufacturer’s directions.


  • Stable & non-moving at low fire.
  • Broad firing range: cones 06-6.
  • Works well over chrome-tin pigments.
  • Heavy application will develop a hazy finish.

Speckta-Clear Stardust is Mayco's current reccommended replacement for the range of Shimmer Glazes formerly producted by Duncan Ceramics. This is due to similar effects being achievable when the product is applied over similar coloured base glazes.

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