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North Star Equipment

Are you looking for great quality, long-wearing equipment for your pottery or ceramics studio?

Something you know you’ll be using time and time again that has to endure the work you put it through?

At Ceramicraft we’re proud to offer the range of high quality Slab Rollers, Extruders, Wedging Tables, Studio Work Tables, Shelf Trucks and Throwing Bats manufactured by Northstar Equipment Inc.

Northstar’s small manufacturing operation located in the U.S. is founded on a good-old-fashion business philosophy of making a select number of products they know they can make better than anyone else. They take the time to consider things many other manufacturers don’t even think of and they even stock repair and replacement parts for every product they’ve ever made!

All Northstar products are available on pre-order and are imported with our usual quarterly shipments (approximately every 3 months).