Painted by Me - Ceramic Marker Pens

Painted by Me™ Bake At Home Ceramic Markers help you add your own colourful touch to Painted by Me Mugs!

Uniquely designed for writing on glass and glazed ceramics, these vibrant markers are food safe, scratch resistant and dishwasher safe when used on a Painted by Me Mug and baked in the oven.

Choose from 13 different colours in primary, bright and metallic finishes. Not happy with your design? No problem! The ink can be cleaned off with window cleaner or soapy water and reapplied before baking. Create the look you want without worry!


  1. Prepare the ceramic piece by washing with soap and water and dry thoroughly
    Note: It is important that the surface is clean and free of lint, dust and fingerprints. 
  2. Shake the Painted by Me Ceramic Marker with cap on. Remove cap.
    Press and hold down on tip to start colour flow.
    Apply colour to the ceramic piece as desired. Colour should be applied in coats to avoid colour pooling.
    Painted by Me colours do not blend. Erase or correct designs by first removing the error with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol. 
  3. Before baking, remove any stickers or labels.
    Place ceramic into cool oven before turning on the heat. Turn oven on to 185 degrees Celsius 
    (375 degrees Fahrenheit) and bake for 40 minutes. Allow ceramic to cool in oven before handling.
    To avoid cracking when baking, let ceramic heat up and cool down with the oven.
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