Paragon Kiln KM18TDBS Double Barrel Knife Furnace 13.6L

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Voltage: 240V
Amperage: 13amp
Power Type: 1 Phase
Maximum Temperature: 1287 C
Internal Width: 280mm
Internal Depth: 457mm
Internal Height: 108mm
Volume: 13.6L
Power cord: Included power cord and 15 amp plug

 The Double Barrel 18T now has a solid state relay, which lasts far longer than a standard mechanical relay.
The solid state relay has no moving parts to wear out. The first thing you will notice is that the solid state relay is silent. You will hear just the reassuring hum of elements. The solid state relay makes heating elements last longer and offers better temperature control during holds.

The Double Barrel 18T includes a mechanical relay as part of a safety circuit.

The Paragon Double Barrel 18T is just the right size for heat treating and case hardening gun parts and knives. Experiment with colour base hardening. Restore the faded colors of historic guns. As with the other Paragon furnaces, the Double Barrel 18T has a digital controller so you can program the exact temperature and hold time needed.

The controller eliminates guesswork. Instead of estimating a temperature by the colour of the heat, just program a temperature. You will no longer have to adjust a switch to maintain the hold time for case hardening; the controller maintains the hold time for you. Set the hold time for as long as necessary (typically two hours)

Door safety switch 

The door micro safety switch shuts off the power to the elements when the door is opened, yet the controller continues to give a temperature readout. The safety switch is standard on Paragon Double Barrel furnaces.

Superior heat distribution
To improve the heat distribution in the Double Barrel 18T, we have added heating elements in the top and removed the heat from the back. The furnace now heats from three directions--the two sidewalls and the top for uniform heating.

Solid furnace construction
The furnace is insulated with 3” thick refractory firebrick, which is 1/2” thicker than the standard. The sidewall
elements are mounted in dropped, recessed grooves machined into the firebrick. This groove protects the element for long life and low maintenance. The elements in the top are seated in pinless element grooves. The firing chamber is protected by a rigid steel case. A built-in solid stand lifts the firing chamber safely off your worktable. The thermocouple wire is kept inside the case for protection from the harsh environment of the typical bladesmith shop.

Printed instruction manuals
Your furnace includes a wiring diagram, a controller instruction manual, and a heat treating manual with heat
treating instructions for D2, 440C, ATS 34 and 154 CM.
The manuals are written in plain English for the beginner.