Paragon 27L Glass Kiln Fusion 16


Out of stock (Due 13/03/2021)


Suitable for: Glass fusing    PMC    Precious Metal Clay

The compact 3-key controller on the Paragon Fusion 16 will help you achieve consistent results from one firing to the next. The user-friendly controller has powerful features that you will enjoy using. When you own a Paragon Fusion-16, you can endlessly experiment with glass fusing.

The Paragon Fusion 16 heats from the top for even heat distribution across the glass surface. The lid elements are mounted in pinless element grooves - the elements do not need pins, because the element coils are wider than the groove opening. A heavy steel base on the Paragon Fusion 16 supports the reversible brick bottom.

Optional Ceramic Fibre Top

The standard Fusion-16 comes with an insulating firebrick top. You can also upgrade your kiln with the optional deluxe ceramic fibre top, which also has pinless element grooves. The fibre top helps keep the kiln interior even cleaner.


  • Voltage: 240V
  • Amps: 10
  • Power Type: Single Phase
  • Maximum Temp: 926C
  • Internal Width: 40cm (16")
  • Internal Depth: 16cm (6.5")
  • Internal Length: 40cm(16")
  • Volume: 27.18 L (0.9 Cu.Ft.)
  • Power Cord: Standard 10amp plug included
  • Warranty: 2 year limited, parts only conditions apply

As Paragon kilns are imported directly from the USA, pricing is subject to fluctuations in the conversion rate of the US Dollar. Customers are welcome to request a quote when considering a kiln purchase.