Paragon Kiln CS-26 Clam Shell Glass 146.0L


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Paragon CS-26 Clam Shell Glass Fusing Kiln 146.0L

Suitable for:
Glass Slumping, Glass Fusing, Glass Painting

Paragon’s square CS-26 digital glass clamshell kiln is easy to load, because the top and walls lift out of the way, giving you full access to the kiln bottom. Assemble glass projects directly onto a shelf inside the kiln. Add stringers and glass frit to delicate designs. Since you can assemble pieces without having to move them before firing, you can often do away with glue. After the kiln shelf is loaded and you are ready to fire, lower the kiln top.

Imagine the glass murals you could make with the CS-26. Fuse and slump glass bowls and plates. Imagine how many pendants, earrings, or cufflinks you could fire in one load. Make your own glass bracelets. Try glass techniques that you’ve learned at seminars or online glass forums. Add glittering dichroic glass to your artwork. Make gifts that your loved ones will display in glass cases and enjoy for perhaps generations. When you own a Paragon CS-26, you can experiment with glass fusing to your heart’s content. You will have the freedom to experiment any time you want.

The top is easy to lift - Heavy-duty air pistons lighten the top. The comfortable lid handle stays cool and extends across the width of the kiln for convenient opening. A woven rope seal mounted on all four sides of the top acts as a gasket and cushions the top. The mating surfaces between the kiln top and bottom are hardened and sealed with a special refractory coating.

The top of the kiln is protected with a painted sheet metal cover. The element connectors in the lid stay cool because of ventilation slots and a 3” air gap between the outer cover and a secondary inner steel cover. As you can see, we have gone all out in the sturdy construction of the CS-26.

Quartz tubes help eliminate dust - The lid elements are protected in six quartz tubes for a cleaner kiln interior. There is less dust in the kiln, because there are no element grooves in the firebrick top, which is one continuous, smooth surface. The quartz tubes protect the elements from contamination with foreign materials that could shorten the element life. The tubes absorb very little heat, allowing the elements to heat the firing chamber efficiently. Quartz tubes also protect the user from contact with the elements.

Elements in the top and sides for superior heat distribution - For unsurpassed heat distribution, the CS-26 includes not only quartz-tube-enclosed elements in the top but also three rows of sidewall elements. The sidewall element coils are protected in dropped, recessed grooves for long life.

Easy-maintenance control panel - The sleek CS-26 is designed for easy maintenance. You can quickly remove the sloped front control panel for easy access to the electrical components. They are thoughtfully laid out for quick maintenance inside a large working area. The ventilation slots keep the control panel cool. The control panel includes an on/off switch and a pilot light. For your convenience, flip the switch to turn off power to the controller.

Reliability at the heart of the kiln - The CS-26 has a two-year warranty. A heavy steel base supports the reversible brick bottom completely. The base comes with mar-proof rubber feet. The walls and bottom are made from hand-selected insulating firebricks. These features are extra assurance that your Paragon kiln is built to last.

Made in USA - Paragon kilns are made in America to exacting standards. As part of our relentless pursuit of perfection, Paragon kilns go through a rigorous inspection before crating.

Kiln Stand Included! This kiln includes a heavy duty deluxe rolling stand with locking casters which raises your kiln off the ground to a convenient height of 78.7cm and incudes two lower shelves.

Kiln Specifications:

  • Voltage: 240V
  • Amp: 30
  • Power Type: Single Phase
  • Maximum Temperature: 926°C (1700°F)
  • Internal Length: 660mm (26")
  • Internal Width: 660mm (26")
  • Internal Depth: 337mm (13.25") 
  • Volume: 146 L 
  • Power cord: Not included - consult your electrician for installation options.
  • Kiln Stand: Includes a 812mm x 812mm x 787mm (32" x 32" x 31") high stand with locking casters and two lower shelves. Assembly required.
  • External Dimensions: 921mm (L) x 1067mm (W) x 1,492mm (H) (36.25" x 42" x 58.75")
  • Warranty: 2 year limited, parts only conditions apply.

As Paragon kilns are imported directly from the USA, pricing is subject to fluctuations in the conversion rate of the US Dollar. Pricing is correct at time of publication and is subject to change. Pricing confirmation will be provided prior to payment being processed.

Please check with an electrician to confirm if your single phase power is capable of drawing 30amp. If not, this kiln can also be supplied as a 3 phase unit.

Note: External dimensions provided for the kiln also include the height of included kiln stand(s).