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Paragon Liquid Kiln Repair Cement

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A Permanent high-temperature liquid refractory cement for all types of firebrick kilns, it air dries and is formulated for easy workability in kiln brick repair.


  1. Stir thoroughly before each use. To replace broken sections of fire brick, use a hacksaw or a type of blade to trim broken edge. Clean and cut a new piece to fit or reuse missing piece if available.
  2. Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the surface to be cemented. (it may also be helpful to moisten the firebrick with water before applying the cement
  3. Pour the cement into a flat container and dip one of the firebrick surfaces into the cement
  4. Lift the firebrick out of the cement. Working quickly, press the two surfaces together tightly. As you press the firebrick piece against the broken edge you are repairing, wiggle or twist the piece into place. This sqeezes out the excess cementfrom the seam which should be as thin as possible. Twisting the firebrick piece into position also presses the cement into the firebrick pores, this is necessary for a good bond.
  5. Once in place, leave to dry and do not disturb.
  6. Sand smooth after cement dries overnight.