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Paragon Magicfuse Microwave Kiln


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Have you ever used your microwave to fire glass? Now you can with the Paragon Magicfuse Microwave kiln.

Capable of firing inside a microwave to glass fusing temperatures - this is definitely the way to introduce yourself to glass fusing in the most affordable way.

Place the Magicfuse inside your microwave and in approximately 5-8 minutes the kiln will reach 815°C - firing time will vary between microwaves.

Use the magicfuse microwave kiln to test new pieces and designs before comitting to larger scale production. Within an hour after you begin fusing, the glass will be cool to the touch.

Because the kiln fires so rapidly, glass pieces should be limited in size to 2 layers of 3.8cm x 3.8cm or smaller.

Tips for Firing

  • Larger sizes or additional layers of glass must be pre-heated for 5 minutes at a 50% power setting on the microwave.
  • The glass must be free of glue, grease, and fingerprints. The rapid firing of these contaminants can cause the glass to break. Firing times may vary even within the same microwave oven. For this reason, visually check the glass a minute or two before it is done. Then add more time and, if necessary, check it again.
  • Remove the kiln when the glass has fused just the way you had envisioned. Includes 6 - ½” ceramic posts, glass separator, and a 15-page 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” instruction manual.
  • Place the kiln on 3 posts inside the microwave and on the other 3 posts for cooling. (Note: The MagicFuse requires a microwave oven, which is not included.)

MagicFuse Specifications

Interior: 11.4cm wide x 3.8cm high
Exterior: 17.8cm wide x 10.8cm high
Shipping weight: 2.25kg

Made in America to exacting standards using deluxe ceramic fiber.

This Microwave kiln can also be used to fire small scale raku pottery!