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Handheld 15" Large Clay Extruder includes 18 Dies


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This large lightweight handheld aluminium clay extruder provides an extensive range of extrusion options with 17 assorted dies, 1 blank customisable die, and a pointed nozzle attachment included.

With it's large 38cm (15") lightweight aluminium barrel you will be able to hold up to 2.7kg of clay without the additional weight of heavier alternatives, and the simple to use design and trigger action will have you churning out extrusions in no time.

This extruder will fit most other 5.7cm (2.5") diameter dies.

Barrel: 38cm (15") long with a 5.7cm (2.5") diameter


  • 3 x square coil dies (6mm, 1cm, 1.4cm)
  • 4 x round coil dies (7mm, 13mm, 19mm, 34mm)
  • 2 x rounded ribbon dies (18mm x 4mm & 28mm x 6mm)
  • 1 x 37mm x 10mm rectangle die
  • 1 x 35mm x 16mm half round border/trim die
  • 1 x 28mm triangle coil die
  • 1 x 31mm octagon coil die
  • 1 x fancy clover shape coil die 
  • 3 x decorative border/trim dies (see pictures)
  • 1 x blank die for you to create your own unique extruded form
  • 1 x pointed nozzle (can be used as a cap, or cut to create custom coil size)

Useful Tips:

  • Before operating the extruder please ensure the plunger has been released and drawn to the back of the barrel. To release the plunger simply press the silver lever.
  • Do not continue to operate the trigger once the clay is exhausted or if the plunger is fully extended in the barrel. Doing so may damage the extruder or cause injury.
  • For ease of use and improved life of the product, we recommend using very soft clay through your clay gun. The trigger should be easy to use, if it isn't you may need to work the clay further to change its consistency.
  • Always make sure your clay has been worked enough to eliminate air bubbles from ruining your extrusions.