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Halloween Bat

Picture for project Halloween Bat
  1. Wipe bat with damp sponge to remove any bisque dust.

  2. Lightly draw a heart around bat’s face and inner ears.

  3. Brush three coats Neon Green in heart face, avoiding eyes and teeth.

  4. Brush three coats Neon Green in inner ears and inside indented areas of bat’s wings. Let dry.

  5. Brush three coats Dark Purple around the heart face, inner ears and the green stripes inside bat’s wings.

  6. Brush remaining areas of bat with three coats Dark Purple. Let dry.

  7. Brush two good coats Black in bat’s eyes and use liner brush to dab dots in nostrils and outline teeth. Let dry.

  8. Brush bottom of bat as desired with Dark Purple or leave unpainted. Let dry.

  9. Stilt if bottom is painted or place directly on kiln shelf if unpainted. Fire to cone 06.