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A Slice of Learning

Picture for project A Slice of Learning

Who said maths isnt creative? Use this design to reinforce the use of fractions in your class

Use any bisque plate or hand modelled plaque for this special design


1. Wipe pie plate with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.

2. Trace pie pattern on tracing paper. Set aside.

3. Trace fruits with pencil on clear contact paper. Cut out with scissors.

4. Lay pie pattern on plate and lightly mark off the six divisions. 

5. Remove backing from cut out fruits and adhere to each section of pie in same sequence as in pattern (cherry, pumpkin, lemon, apple, blueberries, grapes).

6. Sponge three coats Light Ginger over plate, sides and back.

7. Lightly sponge some Dark Ginger over crust area and some areas of pie. Let dry.

8. Remove fruit stencils.

9. Paint cherries with Neon Red and stem with Dark Ginger.

10. Paint pumpkin with Bright Papaya and segment lines with Dark Papaya.

11. Paint lemon with Dark Straw with a little Dark Papaya added for shadow on side of fruit.

12. Paint apple with Light Kiwi, shade with a little Bright Nautical added to color.

13. Paint blueberries with Bright Nautical with a little Black dot on top of each berry.

14. Paint grapes Dark Grape leaving a small white spot in each for highlight. Let dry.

15. Lay pie tracing over pie and lightly with pencil remark the sections dividing each piece.

16. Use Liner brush and Dark Ginger to divide the six pieces of pie. Let dry well.

17. *IF DESIRED measure approximately 2½” from bottom of plate and draw line around to create a pie tin. Paint tin with three coats Light Gray. Let dry.

18. Lightly brush or sponge one coat of Pure Brilliance to top and bottom of pie plate. Let dry.

19. Stilt pie plate in kiln and fire to cone 06.

Tip: Shake bottles of paint well prior to using. Let dry after each coat.