Sublimation Glass Chopping Board - Rectangle

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A good chopping board is a must have in any kitchen, but this cutting board will be something special once you add your touch to it.

Made of tempered glass, which is notably hygienic and resistant to stains and odours, this 27cm x 18cm rectangular shaped cutting board is the perfect size for everyday chopping in the kitchen or a personalised cheeseboard for a special occasion. 

With a sublimation coating on the reverse side, sublimated images will show through the glass making them visible when the board is in use, but safe from the cutting action of your knife. 

Material:  Tempered glass with a white sublimation coating on the reverse 

Product Dimensions: 27cm x 18cm x 5mm


  • Tempered glass
  • Textured cutting surface
  • Resistant to stains and odours
  • 5mm thickness