Inktec Sublimation Paper A3 (100 sheets)


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ITP-HTP A4 Sublimation Paper from Inktec is a resin coated sublimation transfer paper for aqueous dye sublimation inks offering exceptional performance and stability.

It has a high transfer release for optimal colour density.  

With Inktec's ITP-HTP Sublimation Paper you will notice excellent colour reproduction on polyester fabrics and polymer coated substrates, especially when used with InkTec SubliNova series inks.

Which side do I to print on? The printing side of the paper follows the packaging label and faces upwards. If in doubt, wet a finger and it will stick to the printing side due to the polymer coating.

*NOTE: This sublimation paper is recommended for experienced/advanced sublimation users. Due to the enhanced high-release coating on this paper, prints may take longer to dry than other standard papers, and printer tracking marks may occur if the selected print settings lay down too much ink or are too fast. However once you work out the best settings for your equipment, the results are outstanding.


  •          High transfer rate / print release
  •          Excellent stability and performance


  •          Weight: 100g/m2
  •          Size: A3
  •          Quantity: 100 Sheets
  •          Properties: Whiteness Value: 87, Smoothness: 30, Moisture: 6, Curl: -5
  •          Optical Density (after transfer): Black 1.3, Cyan 2.3, Magenta 2.2, Yellow 2

Usage/Storage Tips: 

  •          Handle with care once printed to avoid abrasion of printed surface.
  •          To optimise print quality, set your printer to a high print quality setting with reduced print speed.
  •          Store sealed in original packaging in cool dry environment 10-25°C.

Using dye sublimation paper:

Specially coated transfer papers are an essential part of the digital sublimation process.

  1.      Using your sublimation printer, print your design onto the sublimation paper
  2.      Trim paper to closely follow the outside edge of the design
  3.      Apply transfer paper to the sublimation blank (mug, tile etc) with the design facing the surface of the material to be printed on.
  4.      Secure with sublimation heat tape.
  5.      Press for the required time/temp/pressure
  6.      Remove paper to reveal design
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