Bead Firing Rack - Vertical Tree


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The Roselli Bead Tree is designed to hold small beads with smaller sized holes. It is ideal for ceramicists, jewellers and glass artists. This bead tree allows you to easily glaze fire small beads, pendants, buttons, etc. - without the worry of them sticking to your kiln shelf. The entire tree gets placed in the kiln with your glazed pieces on it.

The Roselli Vertical Bead Tree is 12.7cm x 12.7cm and holds about 24 beads. This item includes 12 pieces of 2" wire.

Good to Cone 10, except for the metal parts. The metal rods will begin to deform as you exceed cone 6, and even earlier if they are heavily loaded. Spread the weight over as many stilt points as possible to optimize your result.