Top Bats Acrylic Pottery Bat Starter Pack Set 380mm

Sku: PE-TB-SET380
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Put an end to repetitive outlay wth Top Bats Acrylic Pottery Bat Starter Set

Size: 380mm base
     - 1 x 380mm Base
     - 4 x 310mm Hexagonal Bats
Material: Acrylic

Top Bats Acrylic Pottery Bats

Top Bats offer a superior quality Acrylic Pottery Bat that is long lasting, easy to clean, durable and sleek looking. The interchangeable Top Bat system actually saves shelf space too!

Top Bats Acrylic Bats are constructed from heavy duty acrylic and may be used over and over and over and over which will ultimately save $$ in the pottery studio.

Leatherhard clay comes cleanly off the bat without effort.

This interchangeable Bat system was developed by a career potter who found a need for an alternative to the moldy wooden system of old.

  • Not affected by water
  • Interchangeable sizing
  • Use pins or a chamois mat to hald securely
  • 100% Australian made
  • Positioning rings for centring work
  • Demonstration of Top Bats Acrylic Pottery Bat
    Introducing Acrylic Pottery Bats by Top Bats
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