Ceramic Bisque

Ceramic bisque often called 'biscuit' or 'pottery blanks' refers to pottery that has been fired once but not yet glazed. Ceramic bisque is plain white and looks similar to unpainted plaster.

Unpainted ceramics can be painted with a ceramic colour such as an underglaze and then coated in a clear glaze ready to be fired in a kiln. Our Ceramic Bisque is ready to paint and is perfectly suited to Cone 05 and Cone 06 Glazes or can be used with acrylic paints for those without a kiln.

Quality ceramic bisque is absolutely essential to having a successful business. All of our bisque is of the highest standard and is suitable for use with all popular brands of colour and glaze.

Ceramicraft has an extensive range of Ceramic supplies for painting pottery cafes, contemporary ceramic cafes and mobile ceramic studios. We are constantly adding new ceramic bisque shapes to our range, including children's bisque such as dinosaur bisque designs, ceramic bisque fairies and cars, unpainted dinnerware, decorative bisque such as vases, picture frames, seasonal bisque shapes and ceramic bisque add ons.

Ceramicraft Ceramic Bisque Supplies ships to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide and everywhere in between.

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