Amaco Teacher's Palette TP-53 Pig Pink 472ml

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Amaco Teacher's Palette TP-53 Pig Pink 472ml is a low-fire intermixable glaze that is a must have for the classroom or studio.

AMACO Teacher's Palette (TP) are semi-opaque gloss painterly glazes that are a great solution for cost effective and brilliant colour cone 05 glazing. 

TP glazes can be blended with each other or with any of the AMACO Teacher's Choice (TC) glazes to create an infinite colour palette that is safe for use by artists of all ages!

Firing Range: Cone 05

Food Safety:  AP certified food-safe, LEAD FREE, dinnerware safe when fired. Tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination.

General Use:

See product label for additional firing and application information for individual glazes.

  • Shake and stir well before using.
  • Apply 3 coats for full coverage or fewer coats for a more transparent look on mature cone 04 bisque.
  • Glazes may be layered by brushing or slip trailing without bleeding of colours.
  • Cover the entire surface with any combination of TP or TC glazes and fire to cone 05.
  • If TP and TC glazes are used for only partial coverage of the bisque, dip partially decorated bisque into
    AMACO DC-10 Clear Dipping Glaze and fire in one step to cone 05 for a brilliant surface.
  • Fire to cone 05 as follows: Cone 05 - 1046°C (at 150°C/hour for the final 100°C of firing) / 1915°F (at 270°F/hour in the final 200°F of firing)


  • Brilliant semi-opaque colour
  • Great for painterly details, layering in patterns and designs for majolica-style decorating.
  • Completely intermixable colours for infinite colour palette
  • Can be layered without bleeding

Note: Pictured chip results were fired at cone 05 on White Earthenware Clay.

  • Amaco Teacher's Palette Demonstration - Mona Lisa's Smile
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