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An acrylic emulsion additive that is food safe and non-toxic. It cleans up with water and has an indefinite shelf life. Protect from Freezing.

Apt-II will thicken all brands of slip, enabling the ceramist to attach, mend and create surface decorations. The process can be performed on greenware, bisque or finished glazed pieces.

  • Bonding occurs immediately.
  • Mended area dries to a softness equal to greenware.
  • Mended area may be cleaned immediately.
  • Mended area does not shrink and leave a stress crack.
  • Colours and glazes adhere to mended are without showing a difference in colour.
  • Slip mender will adhere to glaze fired surfaces.
  • No odours or acid fumes from slip mender in kiln.

Product Volume: 2 fluid ounces (60mL)

APT-II Slip Mixture

Add APT-II Ceramic Enhancer into slip until it begins to thicken. If slip mixture becomes too thick for attaching or mending, thin back with new slip. DO NOT USE WATER. Unused slip mixture may be stored in sealed container for a few days.

Attaching Wet Greenware:

Apply APT-II to pieces that will be attached.
Gently and firmly press pieces together. Bonding occurs immediately. Be sure pieces are positioned correctly. Note: Some pieces may still require propping.
Clean excess with cleaning tool or damp sponge. Limit use of water as it causes shrinkage and stress cracks.
After greenware dries, clean as usual.

Attaching Dry Greenware:

Apply APT-II, instead of water, to broken pieces. Do not let dry.
While APT-II is still damp, apply APT-II Slip mixture to broken pieces.
Position pieces correctly, gently and firmly place together.
Immediately clean excess with regular cleaning tool or damp sponge.
Do not use excessive water.
Allow to dry and fire to a bisque firing.

Repairing Stress Cracks on Greenware:

Apply APT-II into stress crack.
Immediately fill with APT-II Slip Mixture.
Clean excess with cleaning tool and allow to dry.
Re-fire to a bisque firing.

Other things you can do with APT-II Ceramic Enhancer

  • Porcelain Bisque Repair
  • Add elasticity to modelling clay
  • Decorate with slip on Greenware
  • Lace Draping
  • Dipping silk flowers and natural objects
  • Add to glazes for easier application, less drag, less streaking. Causes lead-free glazes to level. (3-4 drops per ounce of glaze)
  • Re-glazing (3-4 drops per ounce of glaze). No preheating is required. Causes the new glaze to adhere to a cold glaze surface.
  • Airbrushing, to prevent color pigments from bleeding into the clay surface.
  • Hard spot areas on greenware.
  • Carving on greenware (less chipping and cracking)
  • Decals on greenware and bisque.
  • Use as a seal over design and wipe away surrounding areas or etch away surrounding areas with vinegar.
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