Ceramicraft 670mm Kiln Furniture Kit

Sku: KF-CC-670
Coming soon (Due 13/04/2024)
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Recommended for kilns with an internal chamber diameter greater than 670mm.

All Ceramicraft kiln furniture is made of cordierite to resist warpage and thermal shock and is capable of withstanding temperatures up to Cone 10 (2350°F/1287°C).


  • 8 x Half Round Shelf (670mm x 335mm x 20mm)
  • 8 x 50mm Post
  • 8 x 75mm Post
  • 8 x 100mm Post
  • 8 x 125mm Post
  • 8 x 150mm Post
  • 8 x 200mm Post
  • 1 x Mayco Kiln Wash 473ml

Ware is fired on shelves that are separated by posts/props so you can fire multiple layers of ware in your kiln. Coating you're shelves with kiln wash is required to prevent glaze or glass from sticking to the shelves during firing.

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