Cress 37L Glass Kiln Fuser 89E

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Suitable for: Glass fusing, glass slumping

The Cress Fuser 89E Kiln is perfect for the glass fuser and glass slumping professional and hobbyist.

The high temperature pyrometer in the Cress Fuser 89E Kiln is especially important when working with glass to measure the progress of a firing, and the temperature of the kiln.

The Cress Fuser 89E Kiln is fitted with an electronic 3-key controller and LED readout display. The software of this controller has four user programs. Each program can have up to eight segment,s with each segment consisting of a ramp rate (in degrees per hour), a target temperature, and a hold time.

Tapered peepholes offer a wider angle of viewing into the firing chamber and the tapered firebrick plugs minimise heat loss.

A strong pre-assembled welded steel stand is standard with the Cress Fuser 89E Kiln, and a steel base plate is included for safety and strength.

The steel fixed hinge provides a strong, steady attachment of the lid to the Cress Fuser 89E Kiln, and the rigid back-brace clamps give the kiln a strong spine.


  • Voltage: 240V
  • Amps: 20
  • Power Type: Single Phase
  • Maximum Temp: 1093 C (2000 F) Cone 3
  • Internal Width: 44cm
  • Internal Depth: 22cm
  • Volume: 37.38 L (1.32 Cu.Ft.)
  • Power Cord: Included
  • Warranty: 2 year replacement parts only

As Cress kilns are imported directly from the USA, pricing is subject to fluctuations in the conversion rate of the US Dollar. Customers are welcome to request a quote when considering a kiln purchase.