Duncan Concepts Underglaze CN233 Dark Briarwood 473ml

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Duncan Concepts Underglaze CN233 Dark Briarwood 473ml is suited to both translucent or solid coverage, simple designs or the detailed majolica technique.

Firing range: cone 06 to cone 6, refer to Mid Range Performance Index for expected firing results

Application Instructions

  1. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque.
  2. Fire to shelf cone 06.
  3. Clean up with water.
  4. For clear glaze application, brush-on or dip clear glaze over Concepts.
  5. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.


  1. For Majolica, apply Concepts designs over 3 coats of SN352 White Satin.
  2. For quick and easy solid coverage, try the drop n fill technique.


Duncan Concepts Underglazes do contain a small glaze component. Once fired, Concepts result in a slightly glossy finish. Pieces require stilting and should not be stacked during firing. Clear glazing with a glaze such as Pure Brilliance is recommended to ensure food safety.

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