Furniture Kit to suit Paragon Kiln Ovation 1213

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Recommended single-shelf Corelite furniture kit for the Paragon Ovation-1213 and equivalent sized kilns. 

Contents of Furniture Kit:

  • Corelite shelf – 66cm x 99cm x 1.9cm
  • 16 x 1.3cm x 2.5cm wide posts
  • 900g Glass Separator

Shipping Size: 76.2cm (L) x 106.7cm (W) x 15.3cm (H)

Shipping Weight: 27.22 Kg

Glass is fired in the kiln on a shelf. Coat the shelf with glass separator to prevent the glass from sticking to the shelf. Place short posts between the shelf and the kiln bottom to circulate heat around the shelf. Paragon’s durable cordierite shelves resist warpage and thermal shock. They are volume-stable.

Corelite kiln shelves are extruded hollow refractory materials that are diamond wet ground for flatness on both sides. The one-piece shelf is light weight. Please follow these firing guidelines to prevent the Corelite shelf from cracking.

Manufacturer’s Guidelines for Using Large Corelite shelves

1) Surface Coverage

Do not use a large CoreLite shelf if your glass pieces cover less than half of the total shelf surface area. Small surface area coverage on a large shelf will concentrate the heat into a small area and place thermal stress on the shelf, which will crack it. Do not place casting molds on the CoreLite shelf. This also causes thermal stress.

2) Heating and Cooling Rates

Corelite recommends that the shelf is heated no faster than 200 degrees F / 111 degrees C per hour, particularly if the surface coverage is low. A large shelf without joints must absorb and shed heat at a rate that will allow the shelf to grow and shrink without thermal shocking. The ideal heating and cooling rate is 140-160 degrees F / 77-88 degrees C hour. Corelite suggests holding at 1000 degrees F / 537 degrees C on the heat up for 1 hour and another 1 1/2- 2 hours on the cool down. This should not affect the glass and will allow the shelf to accommodate and relieve the stress.

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