Heat Pad 6oz

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This 6oz Replacement Heat Pad is a smaller size suitable for applying sublimation or heat transfer vinyl designs to smaller 6oz, can-style, straight walled coffee mugs.

Size: 6oz

Heat Pad Area: 18.5cm (W) x  8.5cm Tall

Shape: Straight Wall

Connector: Female 4 pin (220V)

Mounting Bracket: L-Shape

Hole Spacing:  3.5cm (two holes spaced 3.5cm apart)

*Hole spacing measurements are taken from the centrepoint of each hole. Holes are 8mm wide.

Best used for: 6oz Straight Walled Coffee Mugs and other cylindrical blanks of a similar diameter.


NOTE: NO RETURNS on spare parts, please be sure these items are compatible with your equipment

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