Mayco Stoneware Dry Glaze SD179 Muddy Waters 4.5kg

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Mayco Stoneware Dry Glaze SD179 Muddy Waters 2.25kg

If you’ve ever used Mayco Stoneware glazes and thought this would be great as a dipping glaze, Mayco’s Stoneware Dry Glazes are the solution. 

The colours and formulas are identical with one exception. Mayco Stoneware Dry glazes do not contain the organic gums which thicken the glaze. This makes them great for dipping application, as the more fluid like consistency of the glaze ensures the perfect coverage to pieces, even if they have a lot of surface texture. 

Firing Range: Cone 5-10


  • Identical colours and formulas as Mayco Stoneware Glazes (minus the Organic Gums)
  • Great for dipping application, coverage on textured surfaces and layering techniques.
  • Longer shelf life - Dry formulas are added to water and used in buckets for dipping techniques. Without gums they do not “go bad” and can last for years if properly mixed and maintained. This makes them cheaper in the long run than liquid glaze formulas.

For best glazing results:

  1. Dipping - stir well right before dipping piece
  2. Immerse the piece for 2-3 seconds
  3. Let dry for 3-5 minutes before applying additional coats (optional)

How do you mix the Stoneware Dry glazes?

  • Start with a clean 5 gallon (20L) bucket
  • Add one pint (473ml) of distilled water per pound (0.45kg) of dry mix you plan to add. (If you start with a 5 pound (2.25kg) bag, put 5 pints (2.4L) water in the bucket first. This will usually make a somewhat thick mixture. Add water to get the consistency you prefer. Be careful though, if you add too much water, you can offset the intended ratio enough to cause product to hard pan. Your initial purchase should be for at least 10 pounds (4.5kg) of dry glaze. This makes a nice depth of mixed liquid glaze in a typical 5 gallon (20L) bucket.
  • after adding the dry mix to the water, allow glaze to slake down into the water and become completely saturated before stirring or moving the mixture. (With most of our Dry glazes, running the mixture through a sieve is optional, thanks to fine particle size)
  • Stir with a wood paddle or stick.

SAFETY FIRST * It is very important that users wear an approved NIOSH respirator mask any time when mixing glaze. Following the instructions for mixing and using a good respirators makes the process totally safe for users. 

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