Mayco Stroke and Coat SC015 Tuxedo 59ml

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Mayco Stroke and Coat SC015 Tuxedo 59ml


Known as “The Wonder Glaze” because of its versatility, Mayco’s Stroke & Coat formulation combines the performance properties of an underglaze with the fired finish results of a gloss glaze.

Stroke & Coat glazes can be applied to earthenware, stoneware, terracotta, or porcelain surfaces of clay or bisque and can be fired from cones 06 to 6, with most colours reaching cone 10 in oxidation or reduction fire.

Stroke & Coat glazes are heavily pigmented and do not move or blend when used with other glazes. They can be applied side-by-side or layered without losing the integrity of the design.

Colours are also intermixable, allowing artists to create any number of unique custom shades.

Firing Range: 06 to 6


  •                      Translucent with one coat; opacity with 2-3 coats.
  •                      Use for all over coverage or in design.
  •                      Apply to bisque or clay. (For use with clay, leave an area unglazed to allow for out gassing).
  •                      Apply to earthenware or stoneware.
  •                      Glaze fire to shelf 06 to 6. Check individual colour labels for performance at higher temperatures.
  •                      Wide Firing Range - Many glazes perform well at mid-range (cone 5/6) and higher temperatures (cone 9/10).
  •                      Will fire to a gloss finish without clear glaze.
  •                      Wet colour is similar to fired colour.
  •                      Light colours will be opaque over dark colours.
  •                      Intermixable for the creation of custom colours.
  •                      Glaze fire to shelf 06 to 6. Check colour label for performance at higher temperatures.
  •                      Certified AP non-toxic and Food Safe.


Application Instructions:

  •                      Shake well.
  •                      Apply 1 coat for translucent colour or 2 or more for solid coverage (allow to dry between coats).
  •                      Apply brush on or dipping glaze if desired and allow to dry.
  •                      Fire to shelf cone 06 (999° C).



  •          Designed for bisque, but can be used on clay, greenware, and stoneware. Test first.

Can be applied with a brush, sponge, detailer bottle, mats, stamps or silkscreens or spray applied when using proper personal protective equipment

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