North Star 6" Large Basic Die Set

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This large basic hollow die set from North Star includes the following 3/4" Thick HDPE Polyethylene Plastic Dies:

  • 992A Round: 4 1/2" OD hollow
  • 992B Square: 4 1/2" OD hollow
  • 992C Hex: 4 1/2" OD hollow

Product Features:

  • Made of 3/4" Thick HDPE Polyethylene Plastic
  • No Rusting or Oxidation
  • CNC Machined for Exact Shapes

All dies are made of machined 3/4 inch HDPE polyethylene. In general, the walls of extrusions 3-1/2 inches OD or less are 1/4 inch thick, while larger pieces have 5/16 inch walls. All dies have Counter-Sinking around the edges or where the brace passes through the extrusion. This is to add in healing of hollow shapes and give even pressure around the opening.

*this set does not include a center brace.

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