Roselli E Series Kiln Stilt with 7cm Rod #6S


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This E series Roselli Kiln Stilt includes 3 groupings of 6 pins (18 pins total) and a central metal rod which is 7cm in length. These stilts are designed specifically to provide inner support to heavier pieces which are inverted and glazed on the base.

The pins within each group are spaced 2mm apart and the outermost pins are spaced 4cm apart from each other.

No. Pins: 18

Rod Length: 7cm

Overall size: 7.2cm x 7.2cm x 8.2cm (including 7cm rod, and 5mm pins)

Roselli Stilts are fireable to Cone 10. And although fireable to cone 10, Roselli stilt pins will become increasingly flexible as weight and temperature increases.

Make sure to select the right stilt for your project, considering the weight and firing temperature of the object being fired and ensure your stilt is roughly the same size as the object being fired.


  • Roselli stilts can last for a large number of repeat firings if used in the appropriate manner. As long as stilts are not overloaded or used improperly, they will survive repeat firings without issue.
  • Heavy weight at higher firing temperatures will degrade the product faster than lighter weight at lower temps. Proper stilt choice is key to product longevity.
  • Always use a single stilt roughly the same size as the object being fired, over using several smaller stilts to do the same job as the pins in smaller stilts aren’t designed to carry the weight of a heavy item.
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