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Rubber Potters Rib Rectangular

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Rubber Pottery Texture Comb - Trapezoid

This rubber texture comb is a very handy 2-sided trapezoid shaped tool, ideal for scoring, marking, and texturing clay.

Made of rubber, this comb is a flexible alternative to wood or metal combs for adding patterns and textures on clay surfaces.

The comb features 2 sides, for two different texture results, and is easily cleaned.

Tips for use:

  • Great for scoring, marking, and texturing clay.
  • Works well with other modelling and sculpting materials.
  • Can be used to comb through slip or glaze to create decorations
  • Also great used with paint to create wood textures, tree trucks and scenery

Dimensions: The raking edges on this tool measure approximately 11.5cm on the long side, and 8.5cm on the shorter side.