Saggar Box

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Saggar box trays, also referred to as crucibles or sintering vessels, are a type of specialised kiln or furnace furniture made from high-temperature refractory materials.

Commonly made from cordierite, corundum or alumina–mullite, saggars and crucibles offer excellent thermal performance and chemical stability and come in a variety of shapes and sizes making them suitable in a wide range of applications requiring heatwork.

They are suitable for laboratory metal and non-metal sample analysis and material melting, and can also be used to protect fired wares from direct flame, kiln debris, kiln gasses and smoke.

These stackable rectangular saggar crucible trays measure 240mm x 125mm x 45mm are made from the following material composition. 

COMPOSITION: 80% Alumina Mullite
Al2O3: 84%
SiO2: 15%
BULK DENSITY: 2.7g/cm3
MOR: 11MPA (20℃)
MOR: 13MPA (1300 ℃)
Max service temperature: 1500 ℃

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