Textured Clay Roller Moroccan Border - Large

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Textured Clay Roller Moroccan Border - Large

Design Area: 230mm
Diameter: 58mm

Clay Rollers are supplied complete with handles - these may be removed if required

Let your imagination run wild with these textured rolling pins to create beautiful clay art pieces and functional wares. They are designed and created in the South West region of Western Australia to provide an effective way to add details and sophistication to your art pieces with a modern and trendy design flair.

Large textured wooden pins can either be used by rolling with the handles or by hand.  A sweeping, continuous motions should be applied when rolling. 

Soft clays work best, rollers are suited to use with both Earthenware and Stoneware Clays.  However, they are not recommended for clays containing grog.

All pins are pre treated with a coat of mineral oil to protect it from absorbing excessive moisture. We recommend applying a coat of mineral oil every so often to maintain and protect your pin.

Care Instructions:

  • Brush away any residue when needed and only wash when absolutely necessary. If using with clay, allow clay residue to dry prior to cleaning
  • Handwash ONLY with warm water and apply a coat of mineral oil once completely dry.
  • Do not soak,
  • Do not microwave
  • Do not place in dishwasher
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