TL499 Duncan Writer Bottles and Tips Precision Applicator Set

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TL499 Duncan Ceramics Writer Bottles & Tips Precision Applicator Set

Designed for use with underglazes, glazes, and non-fired products, this quality set of writer bottles and tips from Duncan Ceramics offers superior decorating performance while improving product shelf life and stability.

Set Includes:

  • 3 x writer bottles
  • 3 x┬ástorage caps
  • 3 x tip adapters
  • 3 x straight pins
  • 3 x tip sizes (20 gauge fine, 18 gauge medium, and 16 gauge large)

Product Features:

  • Comfortable to squeeze and hold ergonomic bottle design.
  • Threaded tip adapter and screw on storage caps to create a better seal and minimize product evaporation or contamination, over┬ástandard ceramic applicator bottles.
  • Flexibility of three different tip sizes for achieving different effects and techniques. Fine for detailed lines and effects, Medium for normal lettering and outlining, and Large for drop-n-fill techniques and bold lines.
  • Each applicator bottle includes a blank writable label.
  • May be used for various decorative techniques including slip trailing.