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Cesco Clear Super Gloss Glaze 1000ml

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Cesco Super Gloss Glaze Clear (1040-1120°C) 1L

Cesco Gloss Glazes are lead free and made in Australia. They are ready to use from the tub, easy to apply and result in an amazing high gloss finish!

Minus 2 p.p.m Lead Free.

Brush On Flow Rite Glaze.

Apply earthenware clay, bisque or terra cotta.

Firing Range: 1040 - 1120 degrees Celsius

Application Instructions:

  1. Stir well
  2. Apply with a large brush and apply 3 flowing coats to a thickness of 1mm
  3. Dry each coat for approximately one minute before applying next coat
  4. Replace lid after use
  5. Kiln fire between 1040-1120 degrees

Tip: May be thinned with water for dipping or spraying.