Cress Venting Kit

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Achieve breakthrough colours with your Cress kiln, and discover how good clean uncontaminated colours can be with a Cress clean-air vent system.

Designed to work all E series Cress kilns and selected FX Series models (that have a serial number ending in ‘FAN’).

This system exhausts kiln fumes separately from the top, middle, and bottom of the kiln to prevent cross contamination of colours so they look their very best. And it also keeps fumes out of your kiln room by venting them outside.

Venting Requirements: 10.16cm (4") metal dryer-type vent ducting is required to exhaust air to the outside.

Exhaust: Air temperature of the exhausted air is approximately 11°C higher than the ambient room temperature.

Electrical Requirements: The Cress Vent System fan is supplied power through the control panel. The motor uses 220v power and draws .53 amps when operating.


For full product specifications, installation and electrical requirements please refer to the documents included under the resources tab.

Shipping Weight: 6.8kg
Total airflow: 80 CFM
Maximum ducting distance: 21.3m Maximum number of bends is 4 sweeping bends.