Double Ball Stylus 0.8/1.2mm

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Double Ball Stylus 0.8/1.2mm

A pottery and ceramic tool kit is not complete without a double ball stylus.

This handy tool is is excellent for sgraffito, embossing, and tole painting. Use with stoneware, earthenware or polymer clay for drawing smooth lines and decorations before baking.

Create two different line thicknesses with the one tool. One end of the ball sylus measures 0.8mm in diameter and the other is 1.2mm. 

Dimensions:  This tool measures approximately 15cm in length.

Material: Stainless steel set in a hardwood handle.

Double ball tool
If you just need a tool to make small dots, this is great for the price. There are some caveats. Not the prettiest tool or best made- the metal hostle on one end was loose and came off easily, but that's only cosmetic, the ball tool peg is inserted in the wood. There's a gap on the inside of the metal hostle that will get full of clay, so I'll fill the ends with epoxy to keep it clean. It'll do the job I need.

Also huge thanks to cermicraft- the first one I ordered had a mishap in the post and they replaced it no problem! Thank you!
From: Ash Latimer | Date: 13/04/2022
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