Fineline Applicator Caps 3 Pack - 20 Gauge

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Fineline Applicator Caps are the first precision applicators that use an air-tight non-clogging cap wire closure system to ensure that the applicator and your preferred medium are always ready for immediate use. 

Use with Pottery Underglazes, Glazes, acrylics, inks, gutta, masking fluid, watercolors, oil paints, silk dyes, stains, henna, water-based glues and glazes. Create detailed designs, endless lines, precise dots.

The Fineline Applicator 3 Pack consists of the following 30ml Pen-like Applicator caps designed to fit 20mm bottle neck diameter:

  • 3 x Fineline Yellow Cap applicator caps - 20 Gauge Needle (1mm)

The long stainless steel needle offers an easy-to-use, precise placement, free-flow never clogging system for all of the above liquids. After each use, replace the Cap|Wire into the needle and secure. 

  • Simple to use
  • Non-clogging
  • Include a cap wire closure
  • Reuseable / Durable
  • Available with different size, length, and type dispensing tips
  • Include an easy-handling oval bottle
  • Precise - Allows for precise placement of liquids on materials such as Paper, Canvas, Glass, Ceramics, Wood, Metal and Fabric.
  • Versatile - Can be used with a wide variety of mediums including Acrylics, Inks, Gutta, Watercolors, Silk Dyes, Fabric Paints, Stains, Henna, Masking and Resist Fluid, Glazes and Water based Adhesives.
  • Works as a drawing tool - Able to make Free-hand Designs, Precision Spots, and Continuous Lines
  • Different Size Dispensing Tips - Accomodates diverse liquids of varying viscosities.
  • Air-Tight - With cap wire closure, bottles remain air-tight preventing liquids from degrading or drying out. Always ready for use which is particularly important with liquids 
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