Gloss Brush On Sealer 59ml

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Gloss Brush On Sealer 59ml

Protect your nonfired projects with the clear, protective finish of Duncan Brush-On Sealers.

Brush-On Sealers are nontoxic final brush-on coatings that produce smooth, hard surfaces. They are used to brighten the colors and protect the finishes of objects decorated with nonfired color products. They dry quickly and evenly to an invisible finish.

How To Use

  1. Stir well before using.
  2. Brush on two coats with a soft brush.
  3. Thin with water if necessary.

Brush and Product Care

  1. Clean brushes with water. Give brushes an occasional deep cleaning in Duncan Brush Cleaner.
  2. Wipe rims of jars and insides of lids, then close tightly.

Brush-On Sealers can also be used over fired underglaze colors as a sealer in place of a fired glaze on decorative objects.

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