Inktec Sublimation Ink with EcoTank Cap - Yellow 100ml

Sku: DS-DT104-100MY-CAP-B
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Genuine Inktec SubliNova Smart Dye Sublimation Ink for Epson Printers Yellow 100ml with New EcoTank Compatible Bottle Cap for easy filling.

Tired of using craft syringes to fill your printer tanks with sublimation ink and looking for an easier method?

Make filling your EcoTank Printer with sublimation ink a whole lot simpler with our New! EcoTank Compatible Bottle Caps. Now available to purchase with all individual 100ml bottles of Inktec SubliNova Smart Sublimation Ink and 4 and 6 colour ink sets.

How to use:
 Just replace the existing caps on your 100ml Inktec SubliNova Smart ink bottles with the new EcoTank Compatible Caps, unscrew the protective cap and invert the bottle over the tank that needs filling. Once your tank is full invert the bottle again, clean up any residual ink and re-tighten the protective cap to keep any remaining ink fresh in the bottle.

About the Ink:

Colour:  Yellow


Designed specifically for use in Epson desktop printers with refillable tanks/cartridges or Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) systems, and large format printers equipped with DX4, DX5 print heads.

  •            Fast drying time on transfer paper
  •            Enhanced productivity
  •            Universal for both direct and transfer printing
  •            Intense and vibrant colours
  •            Superior fastness properties
  •            Environmentally friendly: Free from formaldehyde, VOCs, Alkylphenol and compliance with RoHS

Use this ink to produce stunning personalised sublimation products such as coffee mugs, magnets, keyrings, bags, hats, barware, mouse pads, polyester apparel, and so much more.

Useful Tips and Advice:

  • Do not mix different inks.
  • Switching Inks? If using refillable cartridges, a continuous ink supply system, or built in tanks which have been used with other inks, make sure they are clean before you make the switch.
  • You can use DS-SWB-B01L printhead cleaning liquid to perform the cleaning.
  • For the best results using InkTec inks, please configure your computer and printer settings using the manufacturers ICC profile*.

*The ICC profile and setup instructions are available on request to all customers using Inktec Inks from Ceramicraft, if you would like a copy please contact our office.

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