Sublimation Placemat Large Hardboard MDF 29 x 27cm


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These large 29cm x 27cm rectangular shaped hardboard MDF pieces include a sublimation coating.

Their versatile shape and durable nature make them suitable for a variety of uses.

Use to create custom placemats for the dinner table, or print for display purposes or even as signage.

Each piece is covered by a protective film, has a thickness of 5mm and includes a black coloured backing.

Attach with hooks or screws to fix your sublimated design to the wall or display upright on a stand.

Colour: White with black backing

Material: Sublimation coated MDF Hardboard

Dimensions: 29cm x 27cm x 5mm

Note: A protective film covers each piece of MDF to protect the sublimation surface. Please ensure this is removed prior to the sublimation process.