Sublimation Heat Shrink Sleeve 250mm x 125mm

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Sublimation Heat Shrink Sleeve 250mm x 125mm

Size:  250mm (L) x 125mm (W)

Pack: 50 Sleeves

Suited to: Drink bottles and other similarly sized blanks with a maximum diameter of ~7.5cm

Suitable for use in a range of heating equipment including, sublimation/tunnel ovens and 3D vacuum machines. Shrink sleeves provide you with exceptional flexibility and versatility in your sublimation workflow.

Available in a number of sizes, shrink wraps will enable you to print blanks of all different shapes, sizes, and substrates. Even irregular shapes.  

Once heated, shrink film will shrink to fit your substrate tightly to produce the necessary pressure for optimal image transfer results and increased design potential.

With the ability to conform to a substrate’s shape, using shrink wrap you can now add full bleed designs and seamless images to your sublimation blanks, in addition to partial prints or spot graphics.

Max Temperature: 180°C

Colour: White Opaque

General tips using shrink sleeves: 

  • For a stemless/handleless bottle/tumbler, you can simply place the film around it, while for a mug with a handle; you can cut down one seam, tape down the film and wrap up the whole mug.
  • Shrink sleeves can be cut and taped to suit a variety of blanks, just make sure you leave enough excess so that the film conforms around the edges of the blank tightly after the film shrinks. 
  • How to Print With BestSub Sublimation Shrink Film Shrink Sleeve
Awesome product
Worked exactly as i hope it would. Bottles turned out amazing.

26/07/2023 - Sharyn Entwistle

Works a treat
Really happy using these. Tumblers come out perfect

27/10/2022 - Fransfarm Pty Ltd

Works a treat
Really happy using these. Tumblers come out perfect

15/10/2022 - Fransfarm Pty Ltd

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