Underglaze Pottery Pen Blue

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Minnesota Clay’s Potter's Pens feature a pressure-activated valve that “doses” underglaze paint onto bisqueware. Their unique contour shape is comfortable to hold and the tips are removable for easy cleaning and refilling. The pens make a 1 mm. line, but wider lines can be made by drawing more slowly and increasing the pressure with which one holds the pen body.

Shake well before using and apply to bisqueware only.

Cover with a clear glaze if desired. All AP Non-Toxic and Dinnerware Safe when covered with a food safe glaze. All colours are stable to Cone 9 except Rose which is stable to Cone 4.

Works with persuasion
Great fine detail pen that requires you to squeeze as you draw. I had to clean the nib very thoroughly on opening, because it wouldn't work the first time I used it. Great for dot detail and would work best on smooth un-detailed surfaces.
From: Ebay - dazzlingdiamonde | Date: 27/05/2022
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