Understanding and selecting the right thermocouple for your kiln

What is a thermocouple?
A thermocouple or temperature sensor is a component used to read the internal temperature of a kiln during operation.

How it works?
Thermocouples use two wires composed of dissimilar metals joined together at both ends to create an electrical circuit. The end within the kiln is heated and a voltage is generated within the circuit which directly correlates to a specific temperature reading.

Selecting the right thermocouple for your kiln

When selecting a thermocouple for your kiln you will need to take note of the required temperature range and any installation requirements specific to your kiln.
Existing holes will determine probe diameter, and the wall thickness of your kiln will determine the required probe length.

What is a K-Type Thermocouple?
Thermocouples are available in different combinations of metals and wire thicknesses resulting in different environmental suitability and operating temperature ranges. 
K-Type Thermocouples are known as general purpose Thermocouples and are extensively used due to their wide temperature range capabilities, inexpensive manufacturing materials, and reliability.

Ready to buy a thermocouple?
Ceramicraft offers a range of K-Type Thermocouples at affordable prices which are suited to a variety of kiln specifications. You'll find the specifics relating to each Thermocouple detailed on their respective product page, and can click the following link to browse our range of pyrometers and thermocouples.

Thermocouple Installation Tip
Fitting after market/generic thermocouples - If the screw hole positioning on your new thermocouple block does not line up with the screw holes on your kiln, the block from your original thermocouple can be attached to the new thermocouple to ensure an easy fit.

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