3D Press - Silicone Sports Bottle Multi Clamp Accessory

Sku: DS-SP-MJLH750

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This Silicone Sports Bottle Multi Clamp Accessory is designed for use in a Sublimation 3D Vacuum Heat Press.

Best suited for sublimating sports drink bottles in multiples of 3, this accessory attaches to the vacuum line within the 3D press and creates a secure seal to hold your transfers firmly against the surface of each bottle.

This allows you to sublimate mulitiple drink bottles at a time, whilst creating transfers which continue all the way to the edge of each surface.

IMPORTANT: Please note when placing your drink bottles into the silicone wrap, place the bottom of the bottle in first, the bottle openings must be at the top of the silicone wrap. Placing the bottles upside down can place undue pressure on the silicone and may cause the silicone wrap to tear.

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