Amaco Potters Choice Flux

After the popularity of Amaco’s PC-17 Honey Flux, Amaco introduced a full range of Potters Choice Flux Glazes in a variety of colours, each offering the same soft flowing look with thier own unique character and beauty.

These glazes are great for layering with other glazes as a base or top coat. Beautifully accentuate texture on both light and dark clays, are good at cone 5 and become more fluid at cone 6. 

Firing Range: Cone 5/6


  • Lovely, fluid glaze, beautiful on textured surfaces where the glazes can break and show the
    clay body colour.
  • AP food-safe and dinnerware safe once fired.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other Amaco glazes for endless creative options.
  • Can be used alone or layered to soften the colours of other glazes and increase flow. 
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